Medicare 101 Webinar

The Essential Guide for a Smart Enrollment Decision

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Are you starting Medicare soon?

Are you turning 65 soon and feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of Medicare?

Join our exclusive Medicare 101 webinar hosted by Bill Green, owner of Green Insurance Agency, and featured expert on Buzz Local, NBC, and ABC.

In just 45 minutes, gain a decade's worth of knowledge and make the right decision the first time, saving you time, money, and headaches.

What You'll Learn:

The exposures of Original Medicare

What are your major exposures in Medicare? And how can you make sure you aren't stuck with huge medical bills?

The parts of Medicare and how they work.

What's the difference between Parts and Plans? Which one is from the government and which one do you get from the insurance company?

The Do's and don'ts of choosing Part D drug plans

How do decide what drug plan to pick whether you take 0 medications or 20.

How and when to enroll to avoid penalties and fees!

Navigate the often-confusing enrollment process with step-by-step guidance and avoid common pitfalls and penalties.

Comparing supplemental plans and choosing the one that's right for you.

What's Plan F vs Plan G vs Plan N. What about Part C?

Detailed steps for a stress-free Medicare Enrollment

Gain our 2 FREE BONUS items that will help you understand your next steps based on your own situation.

Your Host

Bill Green

Bill has worked in the insurance and Medicare industry for a decade. Having seen his parents not get the best advice for them. He's made it his life's mission to help as many seniors as possible pick the right Medicare plan for them and their needs.

In that time Bill and his team have helped 1000's of Medicare beneficiaries sort through the alphabet soup that it is. Our goal is to help each person we speak with compare the pro's and con's of each option in order to make educated decisions based on facts